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Welcome to the "X" NFT collection - a fascinating journey through the infinite galaxy of my abstract ideas. Here, the barriers of reality dissolve, and the Twitterverse comes alive with surreal colors and intricate concepts.

Each NFT is a portal to a unique mental universe, where imagination butterflies dance between blocks of logic and chains of emotions. Explore the fusion of tangible and intangible, in a pixelated kaleidoscope dancing to the rhythm of heartfelt tweets.

The "X" collection defies convention, guiding observers through a labyrinth of abstract ideas, where the chaos of information transforms into visionary art. Each NFT is a window to my mind, an invitation to embrace the unexpected, the mysterious, and the unpredictable.

Be carried away by the waves of thought, as "X" NFTs tell timeless stories and reflect the soul of Twitter, where words take shape and become immortalized in blockchain bits.

Step into the enchantment of abstract ideas and discover the power of digital art to push the boundaries of creativity.

Event Item Price From To Date
List image X00002 3000 $275.16 Carmelo89 11 months ago
List image X00002 2993 $274.52 Carmelo89 11 months ago
Minted image X00002 -- Carmelo89 11 months ago
List image X00001 7777777 $713,377.86 Carmelo89 one year ago
Minted image X00001 -- Carmelo89 one year ago

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