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Drifter #88

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Welcome to the official Drifters Collection.

Drifters don't like to show their faces to much and like to let their eyes do a lot of the talking as they have very special powers that are generated through their eyes! They stop you in your tracks with a trance like effect that limits the abilities of the enemy considerably. They can cut you with ice, burn you with cold and hot fire and read minds from a very far distance away from their target.

Drifters are very powerful and are very loyal to Driftus Maximus, always offering him help on his adventures. Drifters are very fast in their actions and can get in and out of situations undetected at all times.

Legends have it that Drifters only show their faces to Driftus Maximus and prefer to conduct their light working under the cover of a hood.

Drifters are a gateway into other DXC features, especially if you have a set of 4.

Check the collection description for more details on features.

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