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Driftus Maximus #79

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Welcome to the Official Driftus Maximus Collection.

Driftus Maximus is a true Drifter in every sense of the word as he can Drift between realms and time undetected. All though these hops are usually safety guaranteed, Driftus is always prepared for fun, battle and spray painting at all times which will be represented In his traits.

Driftus is in essence a high level rebel that follows the path of light which gives him the power to pursue justice and peace without fear.

You may also be thinking how does this dude with a skull and glowing eyes resemble light? Driftus would say we are all the same underneath our skin but in this case, it was the power of the soul awakening that grew to big for Driftus's vessel to contain and caused a huge ripple effect across all the realms changing the appearance and powers of Driftus Maximus forever.

Driftus of course uses these powers for good and once peace and justice is achieved with the help of Drifters, Driftus Drifts on to new adventures leaving good vibes everywhere he goes.

Driftus Maximus facts:

Driftus Maximus is the official mascot of DriftXchange.

Driftus Maximus is a big part of the DriftXchange Ecosystem.

Driftus Maximus is a gateway into other DXC features, especially if you have a set of 4.

With each Driftus Maximus NFT that is purchased, it will in turn trigger a burn of 15 $DRIFTX from the total supply.

Driftus Maximus's favourite catchphrases - Drift to the Max! & Think outside the box!

Check the collection description for more details on features.

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