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The Hare-Razor (Powered by LumenSwap)

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The Hare-Razor is backed by the power of LumenSwap, and is a fast lane ticket on the track of decentralized finance. Experience the thrill of the race. 🏁

The Hare-Razor is a gift to Mr. John LSP (aka The Bu11runner) in gratitude for all he does for the Stellar community. The Hare-Razor is the Sixty-Third white rabbit in The White Rabbit Project.

The White Rabbit Project is a collaboration of Mrs. Metal and RockinFREEWorld.

With an idea to spread joy and messages of positivity with utility.

All white rabbit purchase directly benefit OvaryIt Foundation. 75 XLM per rabbit is gifted to http://www.ovaryitfund.org/ to aid in care of women who have been victimized by domestic violence and human trafficking.

Holding a White Rabbit includes the following:

-75 XLM per white rabbit goes to OvaryIt Foundation in support of domestic violence and human trafficking.

-White Rabbit Monthly Game Challenge. Top 5 High Score wins XLM.

-36 XLM per white rabbit purchase goes into prize pool for monthly game competition.

-Holding a white rabbit makes you eligible for random monthly NFT giveaways from Stellar artists.

-Holding a white rabbit entitles you to private access to BES Metaverse White Rabbit Project Planet.

Enter here and admins will grant access to private White Rabbit Planet.


-More white rabbit utility to follow as we grow! πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡

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