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Dic Inu Token is Stellar Networks #1st Original Meme Asset... Dic Inu Token is the Main #Asset of Decentralized Internet Currency Dogs. DicInu Brings Memes, Thrills & Excitement to the Stellar blockchain through Tokenization, Asset Minning, Providing Curated Liquidity & physical Asset Minting. As such by Innovating with other individuals and projects in learning and navigating the Non-Fungible-Token spaces. By collaborating & Creating, Launching NFT Projects & Becoming Curators with individuals and projects alike. Come and join us in Building the strongest Meme Community of #D.ecentralized #I.nternet #C.urrency #Dogs Building a Financially F.U.N Meme #Crypto Community on the #Stellar Network.

Describe your style
DicInu is dedicated to creating the most #Stellar Meme possible, pushing the boundaries and breaking barriers in the #NFT crypto space of what is possible...

How did you get started?
We started our #Stellar #NFT journey in 2016

What motivates you?
A simple breath of fresh air is all it takes to motivate a crypto dog!

Joined February 2023

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