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I've always loved art, music, and gaming. NFTs opened up a door for so many artists like myself and it allows me to express myself in my own way.
I am currently building a game of my own and I have my own Discord that anyone is welcome to join. With the right NFT purchase ("DARK Collection" or Holo Aries' "Stellar Kitties" on litemint.com), you will be eligible to receive monthly NFT drops, free access to game demos/Alphas/Betas, and music. I plan on implementing my "Super Geeks!" collection into the fold as well.
I love Stellar. It's my home and I believe whole heartedly in it's future. It's my sincerest hope that other Artists will get motivated in creating a greener future with Stellar. Come check out the wonderful community/technology/projects and potential it has to offer.
I would like to be a successful multi-chain Artist/Musician/Developer someday. I believe FIMI is the right place to be for that...everyone has their own favorite Network after all, I certainly do!
I'm always open to taking on commissions, working on projects with others, or even if you would like a custom NFT... just reach out!

Describe your style
My Art style is Human/A.I. Hybrid. Every piece will always have 2/3 (minimum) of the human element in it. I have a unique process to creating my signature look.

How did you get started?
My friend told me about litemint.com, on the Stellar Network, where I am now a Verified Artist. I also have a verified collection on Sologenic (XRPL).

What motivates you?
Creation! I'm so full of creative energy, I just can't stop! Also, my family, and the hard work of every creator in the NFT space. It's humbling.

Joined June 2022

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