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I have always lived my life thinking and dreaming in colourful images. Photography has been a part of my life from an early age and my dream was to make wildlife films for a living.

I achieved this 15 years ago and have worked on some incredible productions for some massive production companies like Disney, Apple, Netflix and National Geographic.

I try and tell stories through my images and i try and capture a moment in time. Each image has a unique story behind it and i would love to connect with my collectors and tell them these stories.

We have so much to learn from animals and they need to be protected at all costs.

I decided a while back to donate a portion of the sales of my collection to help and take care of 7 rescued and rehabilitated elephant. These ellies have been nursed back to health but unfortunately cant be released back into the wild. Thats the reason i am doing it. to pay it forward, to give back and to educate about how fragile our world is.

Describe your style
I am a Wildlife Photographer that has traveled the world filming some major bluechip documentaries. My images are colourful a moment captured in time.

How did you get started?
I started as a wildlife filmaker and have worked with Apple, Disney, Netflix, BBC and National geographic. I specialise in long lens, macro and drone work

What motivates you?
I am motivated by creating awareness that we have one planet and that we are all sentient beings. The animals i work with can teach us so much about life.

Joined May 2022

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