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Chris Malachi is an artiste on a mission to impact the hearts of people through his potent lyrics,
soul-stirring vocal delivery and genre-bending sounds, grounded in his own Jamaican culture.
Malachi, a name which means "one who is charged with a message", encapsulates how much he
believes in the transformative power of good and honest music. Given the name Christopher Morris,
he grew up in an environment where many of his family members were musicians; this is what set
the foundation that nurtured a deep love and appreciation for the art form.
His musical journey started at an early age when his parents noticed his ability to remember songs
from church as he would often learn and practice them on the keyboard at home. This prompted
them to enrol him for piano classes. As time progressed, he joined the church choir- his first platform
as a vocalist and performer. He would also develop an interest in poetry and songwriting through
English Language and Literature classes in high school. During his time as a student of the University
Of The West Indies, Chris would join several performance and musical groups, where he had the
opportunity to perform many different styles of music, ranging from Jazz to Roots Reggae. These
experiences gave him the tools to hone his skills as vocalist, writer, musical arranger and/or
co-producer for much of his work.

Describe your style
No matter how dark or even frivolous the inspiration may be, beauty is always the end goal with the musical art I create.

How did you get started?
I started my journey as a creative as a small child with a quick ear to learn music. That and a talent for storytelling developed me into who I am today

What motivates you?
I'm motivated by the belief that we all share common ground and that we all learn more about ourselves when we listen to each other

Joined May 2022

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