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Shadeeza Buckley, a born and bred Jamaican, is an artist who has Down Syndrome (an intellectual disability that affects the way in which she learns but does not stop her from learning). Throughout her life, Shadeeza has always been fascinated by bright colours and has always sought ways in which to express herself boldly, one example of which is her ever changing hair colour that has sampled almost all the colours of the rainbow.

Being a person with a disability, education and work prospects were unfortunately limited. This led to a search for opportunities and the result was Shadeeza attending art classes at Sanaa Studios (Barbican, Jamaica). Shadeeza does acrylic painting on paper and the images she creates vary from animals such as butterflies, to abstract faces, to capturing the heavens by painting the moon and sun.

After some time when Shadeeza had developed a portfolio of paintings, she cofounded her business, aptly named Shadeeza Buckley, where her artwork is used in various forms to encourage self-acceptance, perseverance & hope.

Describe your style
My artistic style is acrylic painting on paper.

What motivates you?
I create because I want to inspire and encourage people to accept themselves, persevere, and never lose hope.

Joined June 2023

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