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TURGLEEZ are spawned into reality as EGG's, hatching into a TURGLE once bribed with $TURG. 3,456 TURGLEEZ EGG's will be spawned and the same amount of TURGLES, TORGLES, and TELDERS will exist. TURGLES are unique profile pictures that portray a TURGLEEZ in their youth. TORGLES and TELDERS are animated assets that will be playable avatars in the MMO community simulation game we will be developing. The Grand Oracle has forbidden us to sell the TURGLEEZ EGG's and they are 100% free to the first 3,456 users in our Discord server. https://discord.gg/TURGLEEZ

Describe your style
Delicately-detailed, super-soaked, and slightly-turged pixel art from an anonymous TURGLEEZ known as TOOGLES.

Joined June 2022

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